Multi-musician Thomas Björling decides to write and record his life-long dream of a "solo album".
An album where he plays all the instruments, sings, records, mixes and produces.
The song writing progress begins - and the project is called ALL IS LEFT.

Later that year, he decides to take ALL IS LEFT to the stage. He recruits some of the best
musicians and pals. Enter Björn, Erik, Rickard and Sebastian.


Debut gig is held at Pipeline, Sundsvall, supporting RIDEAU. Soon after, ALL IS LEFT becomes
a "real" band. The band takes a few gigs while writing for the debut album.

The recording of "Means to an end" begins at the end of 2015.


"Means to an end" is finished. Mixing and producing is done by the dream team Ronnie
Björnström/Enhanced Audio Productions (AEON, MESHUGGAH, APOSTASY) and mastering
by Thomas "Plec" Johansson/The Panic Room (WATAIN, SCAR SYMMETRY, AS YOU DROWN)

On August 25th, "Means to an end" is released on all digital platforms. 


During Jan-Mar of 2017, ALL IS LEFT hits the road on a major arena tour, supporting


New EP is being released. Once again, the band is working with Ronnie Björnström/Enhanced
Audio Productions as well as playing a number of gigs.


Thomas Björling - Vocals/guitar
Björn Elverstig - Guitar/vocals
Sebastian Högvall - Guitar
Rickard Persson - Bass
Erik Sjödin - Drums


for gigs/press, send an e-mail to:
booking (a) allisleft.com

instagram/twitter: @allisleft

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